Monday, 13 August 2012

Why do people keep beard?

The female students rated a bearded male face as more masculine, independent, sophisticated and mature compared to a clean-shaven male face. They concluded from their studies that beard increases "sexual magnetism" and attractiveness and makes men more appealing to women. The presence of a beard makes a man appear more masculine to women, and she feels more feminine towards him.
The above is the finding of a survey in Chicago, but the hyper sexual Mr.Christian Grey of “50 shades of Grey” did not have any beard but still Anastasia Steele was fatally attracted to him to perform all those acts.
I remember my classmate Ali in IIT, Kharagpur suggested to me that I should keep a beard as it would suit my round face. Ultimately I kept beard but that was much later in life but not a regular flowing beard but a French cut. At that time I thought it looked cool and kept the beard for some 25 years or so.
I have noticed that in Hindi films most of the times goons are shown with beard, they do look scary with that thick growth and also strategically cut mark on the cheek make them look more dangerous.
We had this character Banik in our company with thick growth. He was a worker’s union leader and also had a coarse voice. The officers and others were quite scared of him. Generally no one will pick up any argument with him. Then once we had gone for a picnic when Banik also came along with his family. The real Banik behind that thick beard was exposed in that picnic. He was found too busy serving his wife who was lying royally in the backseat of the bus. She would be ordering him loudly and he would be scurrying to get the stuff. After that picnic often I would tease him for his beard, the beard was his shield to hide his weak character.
But then there are religious compulsions to have beard. Also many intellectuals,poets,artists,philosophers,kings would keep beard.
But then there are some who are too lazy to carry out daily shaving and hence keep beard, it saves time and money.

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